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We apologize for any confusion resulting from the recent article in Civil Beat about the federal grant program. We have provided answers to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions and concerns below. Please contact us should you have any other questions or concerns.  Mahalo!

Dream Weekend is a project-based, events production company. Dream Weekend has a core full-time team which includes company management, talent acquisition and legal. The team is small but effective. Management includes company executives who plan events. Talent acquisition procures talent for these events. Legal reviews the contracts and assists with risk management.

As each event is different, staff needs vary. Dream Weekend employs artists, laborers and local vendors, such as security, sound, stage and lighting companies, to support its events.

Dream Weekend employs 100% minority and women-owned independent contractors injecting over two million dollars into the local Hawaii economy. Company affiliates of Dream Weekend Hawaii LLP, including Angel Magik Group LLC, Hawaii Halloween LLC, Galmiche Entertainment and Culture Guru Inc. employ over 1500 people annually.

We did our research. We provided information as documents as requested and followed through with the process. The  SVOG grant was based upon two mathematical calculations for the award. One calculation award which Angel Magik group and Culture Guru received was based on 45% of gross revenue for 2019.  In 2019, Angel Magik Group and Culture Gur Inc. produced, procured talent for 4 major International festivals in Trinidad and Tobago, St Martin and San Francisco. The second calculation applied to Dream Weekend LLP consisted of the monthly gross revenue average Dream Weekend LLP was in operation in 2019 multiplied by 6.

The SVOG grant took 8 months to complete in its entirety and was a full time effort to execute.  Jonny Mack the CEO and Managing Partner for Angel Magik Group, Culture Guru Inc. and Dream Weekend LLP took the lead to help other Hawaii event owners, venues and producers obtain this grant. Jonny Mack personally paid and hired Publicist Jay Park to spread the word on the SVOG as well as held multiple workshops with venues and non-profits, including Hawaii’s public theatres and Artists groups, to help them apply for the grant. Jonny Mack is still helping the industry professionals prepare for this grant.

No one is going to understand this. Maybe the legal counsel can help but this needs to be super simple for the super stupid. I’m in the biz and this doesn’t even make sense

While Dream Weekend is a Hawaii-based events company, we also produce events outside of Hawaii. Because of the extensive restrictions on live events in the State of Hawaii and the requirement to use the funds by a certain date, we had to pivot and produce events outside of the State of Hawaii to promote arts and entertainment in other communities. We consider ourselves ambassadors of the music and culture of Hawaii and always stay true to our mission of sharing aloha with as many people as possible. The grant proceeds are thoroughly audited and must be utilized to benefit the disenfranchised entertainment community.

The SVOG grant is not like the PPP or any other grant. One hundred percent (100%) of the grant money must be reported and will undergo at least two (2) external audits. None of the grant money can be used for personal gain.

The SVOG is a federally funded grant and does not come from Hawaii State funds. Jonny Mack has been producing global events since 2001. While Hawaii is his home and top priority, the inability to produce live events here has been a challenge. In an effort to utilize the funds allocated in the timeframe that was mandated, Jonny had to travel to locations that had fewer restrictions in order to continue producing live events.

Jonny Mack will resume producing previously planned live music events at outdoor venues when restrictions are lifted. He has also designed a Covid friendly drive in style event for outdoor venues.  He is also researching the possibility of producing events on the mainland featuring Hawaii based artists, promoting awareness of our island culture.

In order to even be eligible for the SVOG grant, the Federal Government enacted the highest level of scrutiny during the application process which included the following:


1] A Dunns number was needed to make sure the business was valid.

2] A Sams.Gov was needed with its background checks to validate the business entity can partake in GOVT contracts.

3] A Cage number was needed which required Military background checks.

4] Documentation and proof showing receipts from ticketing companies, such as Ticket master, showing clearly how much funds were received and to validate it was via ticket sales for a show, to clearly demonstrate Gross Revenue.

5] Documentation and Proof to show that expenses were spent on Labor for event production such as Lights, staging, security, sound, front of house staff, performers and much more.

6] Diagrams of stage and show set ups, riders, contracts for Artists, marketing materials, box office ticketing information, several years worth of tax returns,

To see complete criteria go to:


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